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  • Content Marketing at a glance

    We let the content marketers speak for themselves.


    of CMOs think content marketing is the future of advertising


     of content marketers back original content over licensed content.


     of organizations now have two or more people dedicated to content marketing.


    of organizations now devote 50 percent or more of their budget to content.


    of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy.
  • Marketers are Spending BILLIONS

    Marketing teams were forecasted to spend 135 billion dollars on new digital marketing content this year. [Jeff Bullas]


    Marketers Prefer Content Creation

    On average, content marketers are dividing their content into three areas: (61%) created, (27%) curated, (12%) syndicated. [Curata]
  • Trends

    Content Marketing is changing the communications landscape

    Video Is The Future of Content Marketing

    Accessing expertise
    Video is taking content marketing by storm, but you'll have to do more than just make one to realise its full potential.

    Data Is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing

    An under-used part of the marketer’s toolkit

    The diminishing effectiveness of conventional advertising and the rise of social media have led more and more brands to embrace content marketing. More and more companies are seeing themselves not just as advertisers, but as publishers.

  • Culture Marketing

    The world of culture needs commercial partners. But brands need the world of culture more. There is so many undiscovered possibilities out there. Let us discover them together.

    Ballet Marketing

    Ballerinas are superwomen
    The branding world has discovered the obvious co-promotion value of ballet. The beauty, power and dream worlds of ballet are the perfect art form for luxury and quality brands.

    Music Marketing

    Steer away from radio and the charts
    The music scene is thriving in the Internet age. More independent labels than ever. Live music is exploding. Vinyl sales are up. There are so many content marketing opportunities in the underground scene. Let us find them for you.

    Sport Marketing

    Explore the upcoming sports
    Engaging with upcoming sports like women's football or Formula E can set your brand apart and are very attractive content marketing vehicles.
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